Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Importance of Logo in Branding

New Logo Sketches
This is a redesign sketch of a new logo for the HCI site. I attempted to keep some of the same language of the existing logo. The existing logo has several hexagons with the human computer interaction on a circular path around that. I interpreted the hexagons as camera flares which makes a statement about human vision and machine vision.

I sketched a human figure interacting with elements in a circle. I wanted to make it clear that the figure had command of the objects.

It is essential to the design process that a mark is made that is memorable creates a connection with the viewer. The 3 things that all successful brands have is a visceral, behavioral and experiential connection.

Here are some very successful logos that have multiple layers of meaning. Are the logos enhanced by the "hidden" meanings? I think so.

Logo proposal
This is the working logo that I propose for the site. I would love to get feedback on it.