Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Creation of App For HCI site.

Wireframe for HCI site
This is the wireframe for the proposed redesign of the Iowa State University Human Computer Interaction site. The home page features a redesigned logo which is intended to create a brand identity.

App Design
There is also an app featured on the home page that helps users decide upon the education track based upon key words of some of the interaction careers. There are so may terms used in HCI that it can be confusing for anyone considering this field. This is an attempt to compile some of the terms in a useful training search.

Some of the terms used to describe this field:
Most of these terms were taken from a Nettuts article.

In the first drop down menu a visitor to the site selects their current status. In the next box they can input a term. The search box is connected to the HCI course descriptions. The information that is returned is a course of study for the user. This diagram illustrates the process.