Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Typical Day in the Userverse

First thing this morning I got a call from a recruiter at Green Key. She asked if I was interested in a contract at healthcare company. She asked for identifying numbers like birthday. This is so the recruiter can submit your personal details to a job on your behalf. She said that she would email me a job description. Well after an hour I didn't see anything so I called her. It was not a working number!

Then I received a call 15 minutes after that from another recruiter that I dealt with before from Teksystems. She asked if I was interested in the same job. I said yes but someone called this morning to submit me. But I could not get in touch with her. She said "Come on give your personal information to someone without a job description?" I had to laugh. Then she said she was on her way to meet with the manager of the healthcare company and I should let her submit me. I said ok.

Five minutes later recruiter number 1 calls back and I told her I was going with Teksystems and I got nervous when I could not contact her. She insisted that the phones were out and to give her a chance. I felt bad for her but I said sorry I am going with the "baller".

Typical crazy day for jobseeker in ux.